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What can be achieved using Google App Maker ?

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Credits: Don Santmajor

In this blog post, I would like to share my understanding of Google App Maker

Use case:  Helps people help themselves that want to replace bandage tools like excel and inbuild less secure apps with enterprise-grade applications(kinda). And also suited to those companies or start-ups that either don’t have large engineering/software development teams/skills and those that don’t want to spin up shadow IT, but still want to be able to build enterprise-grade applications with a focus on business workflows…
Must have skills :

The scripting language used by App Maker is JavaScript, which is used in both the Browser (Client) or Server. The Server’s runtime environment is Apps Script which provides access to a vast library of G Suite services for common operations with Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Calendar and other services.
App Maker streamlines the process of writing code by providing an intuitive Code Editor 


  • Gsuite Access: Google App maker is part of Gsuite and hence a Gsuite account is required.
  • GCP account access:  If the app needs DB to store data can integrate with  Cloud SQL out of the box.

What can you do with it at a high level ?:


  • Reporting and dashboards can be quickly built
  • Helps build workflow apps and solve business issues with connectivity to Google CLoudSQL
  • You don’t need deep down knowledge of app development to make use of it but basic javascript knowledge and software architecture is a must.
  • Built-in security at a granular level from Gsuite and GCP.
  • Integrates easily with Google products like calendar, maps, and others.
  • Many templates available https://developers.google.com/appmaker/samples/


User stories: 

example 1: How ATB Financials in Canada made use of it

PS: If you are short on time, check the video link below from  11min  to 15:54 on how it solves a  business case


Example 2: from 20mins to 23mins from excel to App maker


A good step by step example hereSome more examples in below videos

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