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Enterprises are accelerating their investment in areas such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning (DL), as they look to turn data into competitive advantage. A recent Forbes survey found an astonishing 99% of executives in technical positions say their organizations will boost AI spending in the coming year.

As we’ve seen across many technology segments and solutions, open source is key to driving the innovation in AI/DL that will deliver the solutions enterprises value. That’s why I was delighted to see the announcement at Intel’s 2018 Data-Centric Innovation Summit of a new Intel® Select Solution for BigDL on Apache Spark*, which heavily incorporates open technology.

Intel has been optimizing analytics workloads for more than a decade. We are a top contributor to Apache Spark, which has emerged as the leading platform for big data/machine learning analytics and also the largest open source project in data processing. The Intel® Select Solution for BigDL builds on our contributions to deliver a turnkey data analytics/AI solution that includes software and Intel hardware.

Among the open components, the cornerstone is BigDL. This framework for developing deep learning applications on Apache Spark is scalable, easy to use, and highly optimized for CPU infrastructure.

Additional open enabling technologies include Analytics Zoo, an analytics + AI platform for Apache Spark and BigDL, with tools for end-to-end analytics and AI application development support.

Specifically, this innovative solution is designed to address key challenges customers face with analytics/AI. These include managing the high cost of maintaining an analytics solution, overcoming the complexity to get started with AI/ML, increasing use of existing IT infrastructure, and the need for scalable technology.

This makes our Intel® Select Solution for BigDL perfect for enterprises across a range of industries that are working to generate big data analytics algorithms: consumer, healthcare, finance, retail, manufacturing and science.

Intel is committed to delivering open source technology that drives analytics and AI momentum. Open community involvement is a proven way to accelerate ideas and innovation. I’ve seen it time after time in my career and expect this solution will help power similar advancements in analytics and AI. We invite you to check out the Intel® Select Solution for BigDL and join the effort.

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